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1 Installation

Active-DVI may be available as a package of your linux or macOS distribution.

Otherwise, starting with version 2.0.0 you need an opam-based installation of ocaml (see and

1.1 Installation of the advi executable

The simpliest is to run:

        opam install advi

this should tell you and install the missing dependencies.

You may also retreive the github sources from either by cloning sources or by retreiving a tar ball. In both cases, you must ensure that the following opam packages

        "dune" {>= "2.5"}
        "graphics" {>= "5.1.1"}
        "camlimages" {>= "5.0.4"}

are installed. Then just run in the root distribution directory:

        make install

This will only install the advi executable in the opam hierarchy as well as a command advi-latex-files which you must run as described below.

1.2 Installation of the advi LATEX source files

As explained above, you also need to install additional LATEX sources to benefit from advanced features of advi. The command:

        advi-latex-files --install

will tell you what to do. In particular, you may install LATEX source files at the default path in your LATEX installation hierarchy:

        advi-latex-files --install default

Alternatively, you may specify explicitly where to install those files:

        advi-latex-files --install <DESTINATION>

The <DESTINATION> path should then be included in to your TEXINPUTS environment variable.

You may also install these additional LATEX source files manually. Then, the command

        advi-latex-files --path

tells you where to find those files (and you may actually add this path in your TEXINPUTS environment variable), while the the command:

        advi-latex-files --list

will list the files that should be installed.

Finally, you may run

        advi-latex-files --uninstall

to deinstall the LATEX source files, but only if you installed them at the default location.

1.3 Rebuilding the documentation

The documentation, available at, is not installed by default.

You may rebuild the document from the sources:

        make doc.manual

and install it in you opam hierarchy:

        make install.manual

Building the documnentation requires several LATEX packages to be installed


as well as some extra tools: latexmk, pandoc, and hevea (see, also available under opam).

1.4 Tests and examples

After successful installation of Active-DVI, you may have a look at example presentations provided with the distribution, in the directories:

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