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8 Auxiliary LATEX packages

8.1 The superpose package

This package allows superposition of horizontal material, creating the smallest horizontal box that fits all of the superpositions.


The package defines a single environment: \begin{superpose}[alignment]list\end{superpose}

The ⟨ alignment⟩ can be one the letters c (default value), l, or r.

Items of the ⟨ list⟩ are separated by \\ as in tabular environments. Each item should be a horizontal material.

8.2 The bubble package

This package draws bubbles over some text.


By default bubbles are produced using the epic and eepic packages, for portability. However, for better rendering and easier parameterization, bubbles can also be drawn using the pst-node package of the PStricks collection. This is what the ps option is designed for.

The package defines a single command: \bubble[key=value list]{anchor}[ps options](pos){text}

The ⟨ key=value list⟩ is a list of bindings of the following kind:

bg=color⟩  (default value is yellow)

The background color for annotations.

unit=dim⟩  (default value is yellow)

Set the package unit to ⟨ dim⟩.

col=colspec⟩  (default value is c)

Where ⟨ colspec⟩ is a column specification for the tabular environment. Moreover, the following abbreviations are recognized:

keyexpands to
keyexpands to

pos⟩ is the optional relative position of the annotation, it defaults to 1,1, and is counted in the package units.

ps options⟩ are passed to the command \psset) in ps mode and ignored otherwise.

Parameters (color and tabular columns specifications) can also be set globally using the command: \bubbleset{key=value list}

8.3 The advi-annot package

This package uses active anchors and the bubbles package to provide annotations by raising a bubble when the cursor is over the anchor.

The package defines a single command \adviannot[key=value list]{anchor}[ps options](pos){text}

whose options are identical to those of the \bubble macro; however the bubble appears within an active anchor.

8.4 The advi-graphicx LATEX package

This 3-lines long package loads the graphicx.sty package and provides declarations so that JPEG, EPS, TIF, TIFF source images can be embedded: Active-DVI will preview these images directly while other drivers will translate them on demand.

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