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A Limitations

Postscript Fonts

Postscript fonts are not natively handled by Active-DVI. You must use the command dvicopy to expand those virtual fonts to base fonts before visualization with Active-DVI. (For instance, dvicopy talk.dvi talk.expanded; advi talk.expanded very often does the trick.)

In-lined Postscript and Ghostscript

PS relies on ghostscript to display Postscript in-lined specials. However, some earlier releases of ghostscript implements the Postscript flushpage command as a XFlush call which does not force the evaluation of commands, and thus makes the synchronization between ghostscript and Active-DVI drawings uncontrollable. In this case, the interleaving of in-lined postscript and other material may be inconsistent.

Fortunately, recent versions of ghostscript (> 6.5) have fixed this problem by using XSync(false) instead. If you use those versions of ghostscript, in-lined specials should be correctly rendered.

Unfortunately, some releases of version 6.5x also carry a small but fatal bug for Active-DVI, that will hopefully be fixed in future releases. A workaround is available here

In-lined Postscript change of coordinates

So far, the implementation of in-lined Postscript does not correctly handle complex change of coordinates. (See PStricks section).

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